Retail & CPG

Experience the power of Stock View, an AI-driven solution that detects out-of-stock items on shelves, reducing lost sales and enhancing customer satisfaction. With computer vision technology, Stock View provides real-time insights into stock-out occurrences, empowering store employees to take immediate action. By minimizing stock-outs, retailers can optimize inventory levels and improve overall operational efficiency.

Stock View helps retailers reduce lost sales and improve customer experience by automatically detecting out of stock items on shelves.

SKU Assortment Optimization

Stock View revolutionizes retail operations by leveraging cutting-edge computer vision technology to automatically detect out-of-stock items on shelves. This innovative solution not only reduces lost sales but also enhances the overall customer experience.

Basket Analysis & Product Recommendation

Market basket analysis or product recommendation is where you take inventory and point-of-sale data to predict which combinations of products will sell the best. With a clean sales history, businesses can identify which products tend to be purchased together with the solution. Simply speaking, it allows retailers to identify relationships between the items that people buy.

Advanced Demand Forecasting: Anticipating Market Trends with Precision

Advanced Demand Forecasting empowers organizations to gain deep insights into demand drivers, optimize operations, and drive sustainable business practices.

  • How incremental variances in a given individual factor impacts demand.
  • How variances in one factor can impact another factor (e.g., the extent to which increasing sales staff numbers reduces customer wait times).
  • Which factors may have different impacts in different geographies or markets.