for Retail

Stock View helps retailers reduce lost sales and improve customer experience by automatically detecting out of stock items on shelves.

Stock View uses computer vision technology running at the edge to detect gaps on store shelves automatically. It also provides retailers with powerful insights and analytics into stock-out activities at both single-store and multi-store levels.

Reduce lost sales while improving customer experience.

Product stock-outs lead to lost sales and have a negative impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty, yet store employees often lack visibility into stock-out occurrences. StockView’s computer vision AI provides “always-on” monitoring of store shelves to provide instant notifications to employees, letting them know when and where stock-outs occur.

Analyze stock-out data from single or multiple stores to understand patterns and improve process

Retailers are typically challenged to adapt inventory levels to dynamic and localized market demands while lacking the ability to aggregate data across multiple stores to identify patterns and opportunities for process improvements.

StockView enables retailers to analyze store-level stock-out activities while also providing various analytics capabilities to better understand stock-out patterns across multiple stores.

Use AL to scale across your stores in cost effective and predictable way

The distributed nature of retail requires a more agile, reliable, and cost-effective manner in which to enable AI at-scale.