SKU Assortment Optimization: Tailoring Product Assortments for Retail Success

The SKU Assortment Optimization solution revolutionizes how Retail and CPG companies manage product assortments, ensuring each outlet receives the best product assortment tailored to local customer needs and preferences.

Optimize Inventory, Delight Customers

Maximize sales and enhance customer satisfaction by stocking the right products on every shelf. Our solution ensures high market penetration for top-performing SKUs, streamlines portfolio management processes, and equips business leaders with data-driven insights to make informed decisions.

Identify the Best Products for Each Market

Receive personalized product assortment recommendations for each outlet with our SKU Optimization models. By segmenting sales data into peer groups and accounting for factors like local preferences and demographics, our solution helps you identify the best products for each market segment. Compare similar portfolios and optimize operations to meet customer demands effectively.

Customized and Integrated Solutions

Our solutions are customizable to fit your unique business needs, optimizing metrics such as sales volume, product margin, and returns. SKU Optimization can also be integrated with additional data sources to provide demand forecasting and sales decomposition, further enhancing decision-making capabilities.